Food photography love: Lizzie Mayson for The Hardihood ‘Raw Cake’ cookbook


Today I’m stoked to be sharing some photographs that I really love by Lizzie Mayson, the photographer behind the Raw Cake book by Daisy Kristiansen and Leah Garwood-Gowers, AKA the creative spirits responsible for The Hardihood in London. I absolutely adore the virtuous and healthy recipes in the Raw Cake book, but ultimately I have to celebrate it for being one of those rare cookbooks that manage to offer the whole package, from the design to the content, and the seemingly effortless pictures by Lizzie. It’s one of those books that really does entice you to get your bum into the kitchen and get making. It’s given me a lot to ponder as someone who would eventually love to publish their own cookbook…

Lizzie’s pictures stand out in a world of overly fussy food photography because of their simplicity, great styling, strong graphics, and use of gorgeous pastel tones. There’s a rich sense of texture in the materials, like the marble and the cork, but these elements don’t complicate or overpower the food, which remains the hero of the shots.

Since going to the Food Styling and Photography course at The Guardian a few months ago, I have started making a much more concerted effort to notice exactly what it is that I like about certain images, and with Lizzie’s work, it’s the absolute paired back nature of the photography and staging of the food that I think draws you in. It looks so simple, that it entices you to give it a go and try to recreate the recipes. I’m also a huge fan of the muted pastel colour palette – another element that doesn’t need to shout for attention.


All photographs shared with kind permission of Lizzie Mayson. Visit her website for more information and to check out the rest of her portfolio.

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