Scandinavian Standard: In Pursuit of Perfection – Stockholm’s Best Kanelbullar


I was recently googling one of my most favourite bakeries, Bageri Petrus on Swedenborgsgatan in Stockholm, when I found those fantastic infographics documenting some of the best kanelbullar in the city. As a subject that is v. v. v. v. close to my heart I was keen to see how they ranked some of the places that I always visit, and in fact recommend in my own guide to Stockholm, for a fika break.

You might notice some familiar names, such as Rosendals Trädgård, and Fabrique, but I was also pleasantly surprised to discover some newbies in their list such as Valhalla, with their “fluffy but sturdy” buns, and Green Rabbit, with their “slightly cakey” buns. I think I’ll have to take a trip and be the judge of which is better.

How exciting to pop a couple of new places to try out on my list for my next visit!

Design and photography by Scandinavian Standard.

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