Meet Rose

Hello! I’m Rose and I’m a stripe-wearing photographer, baker, and cold place enthusiast.

My Swedish love affair began in the autumn of 2006, while on a weekend away to Stockholm for my birthday. The visit was inspired by my love of folk art and curiosity for Viking history, but during that trip, I fell for Sweden with my whole heart – the culture, the people, the design culture, the feeling of cosiness, the food! I felt instantly at home.

On returning home to the UK, I knew I had to get back and explore more, which I did the next year, staying for three months and travelling by train, plane, and ferry between all the Scandinavian countries (Iceland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, and Finland). It was the epic adventure of a lifetime and one that has inspired endless wanderlust ever since.

Of all the places that I have travelled to over the years, Stockholm remains where I have always felt my happiest, with its friendly people, the mixture of old and new architecture, islands, cool little design shops, and least I not mention, bakeries. I could ramble for many years about my love for cinnamon and cardamom infused doughs, with crunchy pearl sugar sprinkles, and buttery fillings, but to be honest you can read all about that on the blog in my travel posts – it’s a recurring theme!

In early 2009 I fell in love with a truly lovely man, who today I am lucky enough to call my husband Tristan. We were married in Stockholm Stadshus in 2012, and now we live in Norwich with our little rescue dog Janet. Occasionally Tristan helps out by taking photos for me, when I can’t take them, like when I need to be in them so I can’t press the button myself!

When I started this blog, I didn’t really have any plan for where it would go. I just wanted a wee space to document my baking projects and various appearances at craft markets. Today I use it to share some of my favourite Scandinavian recipes, develop my photography skills, and keep a journal of some of my favourite places to visit. I regularly write about food, travels, and lovely designed or illustrated things I see and would like to share. If you enjoy it, you can also make my day by emailing me at

Thanks for dropping by! Ha en trevlig dag!