Nice design: the new Marimekko ‘Veijekset’ collection by Finnish designer Maija Louekari


For today’s illustration for inspiration, I’m super excited to share the newly launched ‘Veijekset’ collection by one of my most favourite Finnish designers, Marimekko. The collection is to commemorate the 100th birthday of Finland as an independent nation, and fittingly the translation of ‘Veijekset’ in English is ‘brothers’.

The collection features illustrations by Maija Louekari, who has worked for Marimekko for some time and is the talent behind a couple of my other favourite prints – Siirtolapuutarha and Olva. The pattern is said to be inspired by the nature and forests of Finland; full of bears, mushrooms, and blueberries.

I’m certainly smitten with these new additions to the Marimekko family and I’ll be looking to add to my own collection of ceramics in the very near future. If you would like to do so as well, the ‘Veijekset’ collection is available to buy from Skandium now.

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