Half a house: transforming a box into a home

We are moving this weekend. Can you believe it?

We’ve been camping out with our in-laws for months, working away like DIY trojans, and I can’t quite believe that we’re finally going to be living in our newly renovated home.

It’s been a long time coming! We properly didn’t realise quite what a project it would be, having major electrical work, plastering, plumbing, etc done – which is why we thought we’d be moved in much sooner, but you can’t rush these things, so at least six months later than planned, we’ll be living there and I’m SO FLIPPING EXCITED!!!!

Since the summer we’ve been disassembling, crow-barring, chipping stuff off, sanding, painting – all things that are not in my natural skill set – so it’s a bit weird to ultimately be at a stage where we get to transform an empty box into a little home, but that’s where we are now.

Do check out my amazing vaulted 1960’s ceiling, which has been an epic pain in the bum to paint.

Eventually, after so long waiting, I’ll have my own kitchen space to create new recipes and enjoy tasty food, and I’m bloody stoked to get all my bowls and pans out of storage. The square footage of our new kitchen isn’t actually much larger than in our previous house, but the design is much more efficient, with a tonne of extra useful storage and deep drawers. Pretty awesome for me, as I would happily admit that my Scandinavian crockery collection has got a bit out of hand over the last few years (oops) and shows no sign of relenting.

So fire up the wood burner guys, as it’s time to get cosy!

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