Our trip to Stockholm – part 2.

Stockholm 2016 – part 2.

While we were in Stockholm we had a lot of Fika breaks, as honestly, it would be rude not to. We stopped into some *incredible* bakeries and cafes so I thought I would share a little round up of some old favourites and some new (to us) discoveries.

First off, we went to Cafe Pascal in Odenplan, which was a recommendation from our friend Jas. Tristan was super impressed with the coffee, which was an ethiopian variety, brewed in a Chemex. They also stocked really great pastries, so we treated ourselves to a kanelbulle and a kardemummabulle as well as a tiny lemon tart with a french meringue topping. It was all delicious, and their lunch menu was really appetising too, but after all those pastries we didn’t have any more room!

Back on Söder, we popped into Drop for another caffeine boost, but I have to say that sadly the food was much more disappointing than our last visit where the buns and sandwiches had been a really nice accompaniment to our drinks. We also paid cheeky visits to both Bageri Petrus and Blooms, which are solid old-time favourites just off Mariatorget, and both have really darn fabulous buns. Also on Söder, near to Nytorget, are Pärlans Konfektyr, which I didn’t get the chance to visit this time, but Tristan went there solo-shopping to get me the biggest box of their heavenly caramels for my birthday. Absolute win!

While it may seem like our stay in Stockholm was all about buns, that would actually be a bit misleading, as really what I ate most of were various tarts and traditional biscuits. We were keen to try a few things from Fabrique, as I have frequented their shops in London and always found them to be of a really high standard. Another chain that we paid a visit to was Gateaux, where I got a little blueberry tart with the best custard to accompany it. We were eating just the custard with a spoon by the end. Mmmmm! So classy.

In the running for my favourite bakery of our visit has to be Park Konditori in Äppelviken, which was a short and easy ride out of central Stockholm by tram. I had made friends via instagram with their bakery manager and as such was allowed a little look behind the scenes at their production area, which was a really awesome experience. They do so much with so little space! We enjoyed buns (naturally), and a Danish pastry filled with rich vanilla custard and berries. We ate outside in the sunshine amongst the Autumnal golden trees and it felt like a little bit of heaven.

Pictures of me by Tristan.

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