Our trip to Stockholm – part 1.

Stockholm 2016 – Part 1.

For me, a trip to Stockholm would not be complete without paying a visit to Rosendals Trädgård on the island of Djurgården. I can’t help myself but take millions of photographs there, because it’s just so pretty. I’ve shared my love for Rosendals before on the blog, but I really can’t underline enough how tranquil it is, especially as it sits in the heart of a bustling, major European capital city. It’s a place that is good for your soul. It’s also worth noting that it’s a completely organic operation, and that any wastage from the cafe and bakery is used to make compost for the gardens…not that you want to waste anything, as the food is delicious.

We actually managed to squeeze in visiting twice this time because we hired ourselves transport from City Bikes and explored the surrounding islands in all of their autumnal glory, and after all that cycling you can justify lots of cake! On our second trip to Rosendals, they were holding an apple festival, so all of the drinks, cakes, and pastries we enjoyed included apple in some way. I love how their chefs embrace seasonal fruits like that – it’s brilliant!

If you only had less than 24 hours to spend in Stockholm, this would be the number one place that I would send you to, as it’s perfectly quirky and Swedish.

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