Our trip to Stockholm – part 3.

Stockholm 2016 – part 3.

As the final part of my Stockholm round up, I wanted to share another *AMAZING* bakery that we discovered. Called Fosch, and located in the

Östermalm area, this place was a little treasure! It’s a French/Swedish mash-up that creates pastries that are out of this world. We went there for breakfast (as one does) and ordered a selection of treats to share, including a cloudberry curd tartlet, a Stockholm-Paris (which is their take on the famous Paris-Brest

choux pastry), a raspberry brioche, and a cinnamon brioche. Everything was incredible and I would highly recommend anyone with a sweet tooth popping along to see them! Lovely, lovely staff too.

To conclude my Stockholm posts, I wanted to share a bit of love for two marvelous vegetarian buffets. First off Hermans Trädgårdcafe on

Södermalm, which is somewhere that I’ve been going back to since my first ever visit in 2008. It’s a wonderful location to take in the world, as it is high on the cliffs, facing the island of Djurgården, and on some evenings you can even hear the screams from people riding the roller coasters of Gröna Lund! Even better than the location is the all-you-can-eat veggie and vegan buffet, which is around 170 SEK at the time of writing, for a plate and a drink. Tristan and I always aim to strategise and take small samples of dishes in order to try everything, but this approach always inevitably fails as we (read: I) get lead astray by all the yummy options. I usually end up with a plate piled so high that I struggle to carry it! Do try and leave a space for their puddings too, as they are heavenly and definitely worth saving space for!

Another fantastic veggie buffet is at Ulriksdal Slottsträdgård, which we were first taken to by our Swedish friends Karl and Marta a few Christmas’ ago. Ulriksdal is a short bus/pendeltåg

ride out of central Stockholm, but really worth the effort of making a little trip on public transport. The veggie buffet is only one of many reasons to visit, as there is also a large castle to see, a garden centre, and vast country park to walk in. It’s a very peaceful and lovely place to go for an afternoon stroll. I was seriously tempted by the orchids in the garden centre but then wasn’t sure if it would survive the flight home!

I’m so, so happy that we chose to visit Stockholm for my birthday and our wedding anniversary. It’s a very special city to me and I hope that a few of these tips can be useful to others planning their own adventures in the Swedish capital.

Picture of me by Tristan, all other photos by me. 

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