Sigmund’s Pretzels

Whilst browsing, or rather falling into the black hole that is Pinterest lately, I stumbled across this photo of an adorable little vintage pretzel cart and it jogged my memory that I’d neglected to share any pearls of wisdom from the Guardian Masterclass that I popped along to in February. It was a jam packed day, attending the masterclass before heading off to see the always stunning Ólafur Arnalds perform the music from Broadchurch at the Barbican in the evening.

The class was aimed at those looking to start pop ups and food trucks, so right up my alley, and very educational in a down to earth and practical way. Amongst the experts speaking were Jamie from Pitt Cue, Oli from Oli Babas, Xotchi from Rainbo, Douglas from Crabbie Shack, and Rachel from Capish Food. I scribbled tonnes of notes on the day, but here are a few of the bits that particularly grabbed my attention.

  • Be unique or be better: a resounding theme of all the speakers was that a menu doesn’t need to be long, it just needs to be amazing. Jamie from Pitt Cue talked about the importance of doing something different, and having an authentic story that resonates.
  • Collaborate: with mobile catering and pop ups being so popular at the moment there is a really vibrant community to tap into – make the most of this. The less money on the table, the more lean, efficient and creative that food start-ups are becoming.
  • Be generous: Xotchi, co-owner of Rainbo talked about the value of building the idea of giving back into the core of their business, and incorporating this from the get-go. In this spirit, she talked a lot about social enterprises and how it can be motivational, during all the uphill struggle to get established, to have charity and doing good at the core of what you work towards.

Image credit unknown, but found here.

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