Visit to the Nordic Bakery

Here are a few snaps from my recent visit to The Nordic Bakery in London and hot damn will you look at those cinnamon rolls. Where as I normally make mine with a sprinkling of pearl sugar, at the Nordic Bakery they make a caramel topping for theirs which is very distinctive.

With a decidedly more Finnish feel than other London-based Scandi haunts, but no less cool Northern European chic, the Nordic Bakery is tucked away in an unassuming, minimal, yet perfectly designed space in Soho. As they say on their website, “we believe beautiful spaces bring harmony and enhance the way we enjoy our everyday lives” and this promise of harmony and balance permeates the ambience of the interior, with seemingly effortless style from the pale wood panelled walls to the plain denim aprons of the staff and the simple uncluttered menu. The Nordic Bakery truly is a drop of calmness in a noisy ocean of bustling activity.

I first ventured along a few years ago with my partner in crime Holly, to sample the epic cinnamon buns and try their Karelian rice pies with egg butter – both very delicious! On my last visit I also picked up their cookbook and am looking forward to whipping up some treats with it soon.

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