Film photos of Stockholm from 2007

Because I’m so full to the brim of wanderlust at the moment, I thought I would share a few photos from the first time I visited Stockholm – sometime in the Summer of 2007 I believe.

I usually hate all photos of myself, but this one, sat amongst the cloudberry and lingonberry delights of Chokladfabriken on Renstiernas Gata, I don’t mind. Also pictured is one hell of a veggie banquet that I ate at Hermans Trädgårdscafé, and the soft focus lights of Medborgarplatsen. I’ve always enjoyed taking slightly out of focus pictures of the cities that I visit, as it somehow seems like a more true representation of what it feels like to be there – like a fuzzy, warm memory. It captures the ambiance in a way that other pictures can’t.

All photos taken on my Pentax ME super.

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