HNY 2013!

2013!! Things to work on…

I’ve been reading a lot of hopeful, funny and honest posts about new year’s resolutions recently. I made a long list last year, but this time I thought I would keep it short and sweet, in the hopes of actually achieving some of my goals! I’m aiming high (see first resolution…) because I’ve decided that big things are going to happen in 2013.

-Be braver.

I confess that I do suffer from severe bouts of CLS (Cowardly Lion Syndrome) on occasion: not talking to people that I want to because I come over all shy or not selling myself when I should do. For whatever reason I always trip myself up by not being brave enough, and this year I’m going to make a conscious effort to pull my finger out and get over it!

-Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

I’m so bad at this normally! I always struggle along on my own with things -trying to keep up a ridiculous pretence of being all singing all dancing- and it’s just not a productive way to work in the long term. This year my lovely husband Tristan, who designed this very blog, will be coming on board regularly to help me with the photography. You can check out some of his pictures here ( and here ( Hopefully we’ll produce some beautiful photos together and make this blog a lot nicer to visit, which isn’t to say that I will stop using instagram, as I’ll be using that too, in the kitchen and when out and about!

-Have adventures

There have to be good rewards when you’re working hard and having adventures is always the biggest incentive for me. There’s nothing I love more (okay – I do love to bake more, but this is a very close second) than waking up in a cold foreign place and knowing that can wander about, take photographs, please myself and eat lots of delicious local baked goods!

Here’s hoping that by sharing this little list I will stick to it!

Here are a couple of NY resolution posts that I’ve enjoyed on other blogs:

Design sponge:

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