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I can’t really believe that it’s actually been a year that I’ve been beavering away on mountain bakery, but I’ve finally had time to start revising the business plan that I put together initially as we’ve evolved quite a lot in a year! I think it’s really important to have goals, big and small, so that you can work out what you’re doing right and also what doesn’t work. Today I thought I would share some awesome micro businesses that I really admire – if mountain bakery can grow into something like any of these I would be so happy.

Chambre aux Confitures is a jam, chutney, mustard…basically anything-delicious-that-you-can-pop-in-a-jar shop owned by Lise Bienaimé. They are based in Paris and have been run for generations by the same family. They have a blog attached to their website, which has some beautiful recipes (en français, naturellement) using their jams and chutneys.

Matchbox Kitchen is based in Los Angeles and run by Sara Tso with an emphasis on baking sustainably. I’m a huge fan of her branding, and packaging! She does biscuit ‘kits’ by post, for example, her s’mores kit which is such a good idea, and looks delicious. I love her wooden pop up shop display too – where can I get one of those for my markets?!

Früute is also based in Los Angeles, and as well as offering a gift basket postal delivery service, pictured above, they also sell all number of delicious looking one-bite tarts in an array of flavour combinations, like orange and wasabi, black pepper, banana hazelnut and sea salt caramel. Next time I get to visit the states I’ll be putting in an order!

Last, but by no means least, One Mile Bakery is based in Wales and run by Elisabeth Mahoney. Elizabeth delivers fresh artisan bread to within one mile of her home, as well as jams and soups. We’ve been in email contact, and she’s given me some really helpful advice for starting a micro bakery – I’m so glad there are amazing people like her out there, passing on the knowledge!

Thinking about business! Clockwise from the left: Chambre aux Confitures via, pop-up-shop awesomeness from, gift baskets from, logo from

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