So this Stockholm update has nothing to do with baking and everything to do with delicious vegan Chinese food, but stay with me baking friends, more cake posts to follow shortly!

Thursday night we ventured to Luntmakargatan to meet up with Tristan’s friend Karl and headed into Lao Wai Chinese Restaurant, which is pretty tiny inside, with only about 5 tables and a really low-fi atmosphere. Having been vegetarian for as long as I can remember, this was the first time that I ever sampled prawns, albeit vegan soy prawns and they were very strange, especially as they looked so much like actual prawns! The texture was…well chewy, and I’ve been told quite realistic! All the food was all cooked by an old Chinese lady, lovingly one dish at a time, and wow – I’ve never had Chinese food like it before. It was incredible! Sadly we forgot to take any pictures of how good everything looked – put it down to pretty much 30 sleepless hours and one too many beers, but trust me, it was incredible.

Photo credit: Karl Larsson

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