With all our hard work since Christmas setting up mountain bakery, going to craft markets selling our goodies and meeting some of you lovely folk, we decided that it was time for a much needed bakation, so we packed our bags and headed off for the lovely city of Stockholm, Sweden!

As long-time lovers of cakes and pastries we always find it impossible to resist a gooey cinnamon bun or a cosy little cafe so over the next few days I’ll be sharing a few of our favourite places for good eats in Sweden’s gorgeous capital city.

Today we visited Blooms cafe on Sankt Paulsgatan on Södermalm, which has been one of my favourite places since I first came to Sweden in 2006. As you can see they have a lot of tempting goodies on offer, but we went for the classic ‘kanelbulle’ cinnamon and cardamon bun and my-oh-my it was delicious! We sat by the window to the kitchen so that we could watch the ovens cooking up lots of their lovely biscotti and day-dream about opening our own little bakery back at home.

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