Nice design: Japan only Marimekko & Hakusan Porcelain

It’s no secret that I cannot resist Marimekko.

As Japan is a key market for Marimekko, they produce annual ranges and colourways that are only available there, which for me as an amateur collector was irresistible! Carrying fragile porcelain back in my hand luggage was less so… I picked up the Kestit design in blue, and Kurjenpolvi in green.

I also couldn’t resist a piece of Hakusan Porcelain which is very famous in Japan. This shallow rice bowl was created by ceramic designer Masahiro Mori, and although it looks quite traditional, is a little unusual in that the shape is quite flat. Normally rice bowls are a lot smaller and deeper to preserve the heat.

I thought both looked lovely when photographed against the black walls in our back garden. 

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