Japan Spam! Pictures from the trip of a lifetime

After many, many years of dreaming, I *finally* visited Japan.

A lot of people have asked me if Japan lived up to my expectation, and well, quite honestly yes, it’s a country that definitely lives up to the hype. It’s a perplexing clash of deep and highly respectful traditions, contrasted with flashing, neon futuristic progressiveness. I would say that it lived up to my expectation, and arguably went far beyond.

The people are wonderful. As one friendly shop keeper astutely said to me in Tokyo: “Japanese people are very kind”. The food, especially the patisserie, is incredible. The scenery is at times like Blade Runner, and at times like a David Attenborough documentary. The travel infrastructure is mind-blowing…I could go on and on.

Our trip took place over three weeks, and in that time we travelled from Tokyo to Kyoto, Kyoto to Osaka, Osaka to Hiroshima, then making a final loop back to Tokyo to spend our last few days before flying home.

I’m excited to share more posts on our trip to Japan (read: me spamming you with holiday pictures), as well as sharing some tasty recipes inspired by our visit too!

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