Back from Stockholm

I’m am back from five days in Stockholm and in a bit of a post-holiday slump, owing to some minor health-related woes. Nothing too serious though. I will live!

It was beautiful to be back in Sweden – my first time back since 2016 AKA the year the world went to shit. Last time I was there I had a lot on my shoulders, whereas this time my head was a lot less packed with business stress and turmoil, so I was able to enjoy the trip a lot more.

As well as old favourites such as Rosendals Trädgård, and Hermans, we also frequented some new fun coffee shops and cafes such as Johan & Nyström, Kaffeverket, and Pascal. It was ridiculously hot during our visit so we stopped into Stikki Nikki for insanely good vegan pistachio gelato, and into Pärlens Konfektyr for salted Dulcy caramel ice cream. Also amazing, and one that’s inspired me to attempt my own recipe! Watch out for that one coming very soon…

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