Nice design: Marimekko’s Tiara print (in full blooming brilliance)

Favourite new marimekko mug

Today I wanted to share this mug, which I absolutely love, in the blue shade of the botanical-inspired pattern “Tiara“, by Erija Hirvis. I’m a bit late to the party on this one, as Tiara by Marimekko was actually a Spring/Summer 2016 print, but better late than never!

Most of the versions I’ve seen of the Tiara print in the UK are the green variety, so the blue one really stuck out to me as both unusual and fitting with the rest of my Marimekko collection. I also really like the size very much, 25cl, as it’s the perfect amount for a quick cup of Söder te in the morning. Isn’t it just lovely? 

Photograph by Tristan.

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