can’t really believe this, as it’s been so long in the making, but
mountain bakery (i.e. me, my pots and pans, and my Nordic inspired
recipes) will finally be getting a permanent home.

This blog has been going for about 4 years, but my love for making
and baking extends way beyond that, so this news is so joyous that it
almost doesn’t feel real right now. I’m also over the moon to be
partnering with two fantastically talented coffee brewers, who are both
very business savvy and will be able to give me a hand in the areas that
I’m not so confident with.

My ideas for my new home are very clear: something simple, not fussy,
with clean lines and a natural colour palette. The definition of the Swedish word “lagom” meaning just enough or just right. I hope to have some nice
tactile wooden surfaces, and a few little touches of gold, but otherwise
everything is set to be very pared down as I want my baking
to be the real star of the show.

Eeeeeep I’m so excited! Watch this space for updates.

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