I’ve been out and about a lot recently, hence a bit neglectful of this here blog. Here’s some phone snaps of my recent adventures!

I’m getting rounder and rounder whist perfecting my recipe for Swedish chocolate gooey cake, so that I can share it soon. I’ve been serving it with a spoonful of stewed raspberries with vanilla and a little pinch of sugar, and a good sized dollop of fresh clotted cream. It’s been going down well, I’m not even going to try and be modest! I’ve also been baking lots of sourdough bread, using the recipe that I posted here recently. I rarely take the time to photograph of the insides of things, but with sourdough the inside crumb and texture is very important to the overall flavour, so it’s awesome to see how holey and honeycombed the structure is.

To make my kitchen pretty I’ve acquired a new print by the fantastically talented Sarah Abbott also known as watersounds. I’ve made it no secret in the past that I really love her work, and the new ‘held’ print is no exception. I love it!

Finally, Tristan and I headed to the big smoke recently for the Spring Renegade Craft Fair and stopped into Franco Manca to get some pizza and fuel up. It was really cool to see so many talented makers in one place and I confess did have to do a calculating loop of all the stalls before returning to make my purchases.

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