Feeling festive

Here are a few insta snaps of the what I’ve been up to over the last couple of weeks.

I’m feeling super festive and have been busy making gifts (check out my mountains of salted caramels) over the last month, and finding treats from small and indie producers for my friends and family. Thoughtful gifting, next to baking, is one of my most favourite things to do.

Another joyful thing in my household is unpacking all of our beloved Christmas decorations, which we’ve collected on our travels and are full of memories. Annually getting to unpack the hand-carved wooden fir cones that we bought in the German Alps, or the little wooden elves that we got in Stockholm holds a lot of emotional value.

Finally, what I am most looking forward to over the next week is spending some QT (quality time) with my husband and our little dog, enjoying some nice long walks, eating gingerbread warm out of the oven and supping on mulled cider will do me nicely.

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas wherever in the world you may be!

Festive hugs, Rose xx

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