Lagkagehuset, Copenhagen

Have I mentioned that I love Sweden? Ooops, yes I probably bang that drum a little too often…time to talk about Denmark for a change.

In the winter of 2008 I spent a three months travelling – interrailing, flying and sailing between all of the five Scandinavian countries, sitting in their coffee shops, eating their cakes and generally soaking up the fresh Nordic atmosphere. Copenhagen in Denmark was one of the places that I visited on my epic adventure and, let me tell you, it isn’t at all as dark and rainy as it looks in Forbrydelsen, even in December! I visited lots of museums and galleries and spent far too much on my credit card in fancy design shops (but when in Copenhagen…) and also stopped in to lots of lovely bakeries, including Lagkagehuset in Christianshavn.

After I came home to the UK, people would always ask me for my recommendations and I would always sing the praises of Lagkagehuset, especially their delicious chocolate and banana muffins – not very traditionally Danish, I know! On looking them up online I found this gorgeous video ‘The Good Bread’ on their website where they talk about the handcrafted nature of their baking. They basically say that they know home baking, where you work by hand and feel, is always going to be the best way to make something delicious and healthy. They talk about their selection of breads being quite small, but this is because they are committed to quality and don’t want to mass produce something bland. Ole and Steen say that home baking is best but they are happy to be a good second option.

Thank you to Peter for helping me with the translation!

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