Visit to The Barbican cafe

Last Monday night me and my lovely friend Holly of Odd Pockets had tickets to see Icelandic pianist Ólafur Arnalds play with the Britten Sinfonia at the Barbican Centre in London.

It was an amazing show, not just for the music, but also for the venue, which is a 1970’s brutalist maze of open spaces, towers and fountains. We couldn’t resist but go back the day after the show to properly enjoy the cafes and retro futuristic design, where going to the toilet feels like getting into an awesome little curved spaceship pod!

We especially enjoyed the Barbican Food Hall, which really brought to mind a lovely Swedish café, with its white tiled walls, airy feel and expensive looking pendant lighting. The cake table was piled high with delicious treats – I’m sure if I lived nearer I’d be there all the time, as it seems like a very nice chilled out place to spend a morning catching up on a few blogs and having a cuppa.

Have a look at their website, as they have lots of good shows and films on, which are totally worth checking out!

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