We love The Scandinavian Kitchen

As the blog has turned about a year old, I thought I would take the opportunity to introduce some new regular items. Now, I am a well-known lover of a cosy café or two, so I thought I would start sharing some of that love and put together a little list of places that I really highly recommend. If anyone has any recommendations for special places worth a visit, please do let me know and I’ll try to pop in and give them a try!

On Sunday I visited the Scandinavian Kitchen, with my old friend Katie and her boyfriend Patrick. We sat in the café for quite a while catching up – the cinnamon buns were truly delicious (and I’m very fussy about my cinnamon buns!) and the atmosphere was lovely. They have a café as well as a mini supermarket of Scandinavian goodies, and speaking as someone who spent a silly amount of time toing and froing from Sweden last year to get wedding things sorted out, it was a dream to see so many familiar products, marabou chocolate…nyponsoppa…Estella crisps! I couldn’t help but fill my arms full of treats to take home!

I also got a humongous lump of västerbotten cheese, which I plan to make into a rich and creamy cheese pie and some blocks of fresh yeast for baking with. I loved it there and will definitely go back soon!

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