Mill visit

As an independent micro baker flour is very important to me. I not only need a good variety of flours to bake with, but I also like to know that they are grown and stone milled locally, meaning that the bread I eventually make is good for those who eat it, and also looks after the environment as it’s not travelling vast distances to reach me.

Just before Christmas I visited Leatheringset Mill to see where all of the flour that I use regularly for mountain bakery is made, and chat to the miller about where all of their grain is sourced from (…and to feed his super cute and friendly ducklings too!)

Happily I can report that all of the grain is grown locally in Norfolk, even more speciality grains such as spelt and rye, meaning that it travels less than 16 miles to become bread at mountain bakery HQ. It’s also important, as an independent business to support other local businesses, not just financially, but by spreading the word about how great they are. Leatheringset Mill is sadly the only remaining water powered stone mill in Norfolk as of 2012, which is such a shame as both nutritionally and flavour wise, in my opinion, you just can’t beat the quality they offer.

To see more pictures that I took at the mill, have a wander over to my Flickr page.

Happy weekend bakery buds!

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