My favourite Swedish cookbooks

There is nothing I love to do more of an evening than to nestle down
with a nice cup of tea (decaf of course, because I’m super rock and roll
these days) and a lovely book. Very occasionally that might be a novel,
but more likely than not it will be one of my much prized Swedish
cookbooks, because they light me up in a way that little else does. In
fact, I’m pretty sure my husband will divorce me soon if I buy any more

For me the joy of a foreign cookbook is not just in the recipes, but in
the design, photography, and the innovation of approaching a recipe from
a different cultural standpoint. I find it fascinating, so naturally
I’m always on the lookout for new books to add to my collection. I have French, German, and Swedish language so far, and I’m always looking for others.

My most precious recent aquisition is Bageriet by Petrus Jakobsson – owner of Petrus, my favourite bakery in Stockholm no less! I’m sure you can imagine how I lost my shit when I saw on instagram that he was releasing a book. I had to get my paws on it pronto, and thank goodness, it did not dissapoint. Contained within it’s hardback, gold embossed exterier are recipes for Portuguese pasteis de nata, rye breads, sourdoughs, and of course kanelbullar. I’m officially smitten.

Also in my collection (and pictured above) are Choklad by Elizabeth Johansson, Deserter! by Tea
Malmegård, Bröd,


bröd by Martin Johansson, and
Ett stekt ägg är också middag by

Siri Barje. I recommend them all!

Pictures by Tristan.

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