A few updates…

The last few months have been pretty quiet, on the surface at least, while I’ve been dealing with the fallout from wrapping up the bakery in its physical location. In all honesty it’s not been pretty, but on a personal level, I feel like I might be on the way to coming out of the other side (or at least I hope I am!) and building up the steam to move on. Taking all of that into account, I haven’t really had time to work on any new recipes lately and I’ve been racking my brains for the purpose of this blog, while also thinking about what I want to do next – hence the radio silence. Those aren’t easy questions to answer when your motivation is in the proverbial toilet and your self-esteem has been trampled, but I’m getting there. At the very least, I know that 2017 is the year for honesty!

In case you’re wondering, I have decided that this blog is definitely going to continue and I’ve promised myself that I’ll be putting more work in to make it even lovelier. I also have plans to brush off my beloved, though much under-utilised, film camera for some shoots, plus I’ll be adding more recipes and maybe even some videos over the next year.

So, while I haven’t been posting publically over the last few months, I have been making privately and I wanted to share some snaps from the last few months to bring in the New Year with some positivity. As is traditional, I made several huge batches of sea salt caramels for all my friends and family at Christmas (I’m really looking forward to sharing the recipe for them soon!) and in December, I also made a number of jars of chutney as gifts (using this fantastic recipe for apple and apricot chutney, courtesy of my pal Amy), as well as lots of Swedish chocolate balls, which I have been making as a little vegan treat.

So farewell 2016, you were…ummm…an interesting, educational and politically shitty year, and hello 2017! Welcome, welcome, and please…let’s be friends.

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