First (and failed) attempt at croissants

I wanted to
share a picture of these lumpy, bumpy croissants to show that I, like everyone
else, am occasionally prone to totally buggering up recipes. It’s more than ok
and I’m happy to share my mess, as for me, it’s all part of the rich process of

Recently I’ve
been working on mastering a recipe for croissants, which are not one of the
easiest things to make anyway, due to the lamination and length of the process.
To make life even harder for myself (why chose the easy road?) I decided that I
wanted to make a sourdough croissant dough, and the results, as you can see,
were pretty un-shapely and not very nice. What was good though, was the
flavour. It was really nearly there, so I will take a small pinch of happiness
from that and head back to the beginning and start again. It’s all just part of
the process.

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