Our trip to Germany

So while we’re in Germany I have to share some pictures of the lush food that we’ve been enjoying. Germany isn’t really that famous for its cuisine, but they are a nation of master bakers and you really can’t get breads like we’ve been eating anywhere else. It’s tickled me that that, even in Scandinavia – which I love, the baking culture is ever so slightly different and tends towards less seedy, dense breads. I’m really savouring the German breads while we’re here, which of course also includes delicious salty pretzels, which they have in all bakeries and are the absolute jam.

We’ve also been drinking lots of Fanta Klassik, made with whey to the original recipe. I don’t normally drink fizzy drinks at home, but in the heat (35 degrees centigrade!) it’s really refreshing.

Another treat that I’ve really got to mention is all the chilled Kinder products that we’ve been scoffing. We don’t get them back home, so we’re probably over indulging because we know we won’t be able to get them again for a while. Kinder Choco Fresh is my favourite and tastes a lot like a Beueno bar, but chilled.

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