Johan & Maja’s Stockholm wedding

I guess because at the moment I’m itching for a holiday and it’s bucketing down with rain, today I’m warmly sharing a few memories from the cutting room floor of when we photographed Johan & Maja’s wedding in the Swedish archipelago last springtime.

It was a gig that we managed to secure through being recommended by some mutual friends, and a 30 minute chat over Skype sealed the deal. A few months later we were at their incredible boathouse wedding, on the island of Finnhamn in the middle of the Stockholms Skärgård. They were such lovely dudes, and it was a truly awe-inspiring setting – I’d be back there in a heartbeat soaking up the archipelago vibes if I had the chance.

p.s. there aren’t many photos of me that I like enough to share, so enjoy a rare one!

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