Paris part 2

Paris part 2

Another foodie highlight on our final day in Paris was a visit to the boutique of Jacques Genin, a self taught, lemon tart obsessive who makes damn fine patisserie goods, crafts exquisite artisan chocolates and soft butter caramels, in a huge range of flavours, from classic vanilla to liquorice to juicy mango.

At his cafe in the Rue de Turenne I foolishly attempted to scoff an obscenely indulgent ‘Paris Brest’ pastry (pictured above), named oddly enough after a cycling race, which consists of choux pastry lavishly piped full of super-rich whipped creme mousseline praline and finished with a dusting of icing sugar. I definitely want to have a go at making my own version of these, as I think they might be what dreams are actually made of. Mine certainly are.

Whilst doing a bit of background reading about Jacques I learned that he is, as mentioned earlier, a self-educated pastry ‘rebel’ who is obsessed with doing things based on gut and experience rather than following strict recipes. I really respect that approach and I’ve been lucky enough to taste the goods, so I can testify that it’s a system that definitely works for him. For me, it’s always inspiring and validating to hear about those who do it on their own terms and are successful.

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