We love: Stiffkey Stores

On Saturday the weather was awesome with low golden sun and bright blue skies. To capitalise on this, we decided to head out to the coast, which is particularly lovely and beautiful in North Norfolk. After stretching our legs and being battered by some, frankly, arctic ice winds we stopped into the Stiffkey Stores for a cuppa. We’d never been there before, but Tristan knew of it through a friend that recommended it as having the best coffee that he’d ever tasted.

The Stores is set in the picturesque village of Stiffkey, which predominantly consists of a little collection of flint cottages gathered around the coast road, and is in a working post office come village shop. As soon as we walked in the door we were immediately greeted by the heavenly wafting smell of baking brownies. We shared (read: I scoffed) a couple of delicious cupcakes that they were selling for charity, one chocolate chip and one blueberry, and enjoyed our hot drinks while perusing all of the tempting items in their shop.

It’s definitely somewhere that we’ll be heading back to soon.

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