New Nordic Diet – from Gastronomy to Health

I’m studying a MOOC (mass, open, online course) at the moment run by the University of Copenhagen and Coursera called New Nordic Diet – from Gastronomy to Health. I love it! I really strongly agree with lots of the principles and can’t wait to get cooking up treats using ideas generated by the course. I’ve always been respectful of local produce – I get all my flour locally for my baking, and where I have to get things from further afield (like chocolate for instance) I always make sure I get fair trade and organic, because if you have that option, I don’t understand why you wouldn’t take it.

I’m super keen to learn lots more about my local environment and what flourishes in the Norfolk area naturally, as well as preserving techniques to encourage sustainability all year round. This is the first week of the course, so I will update with what I’m doing and how the project has influenced by cooking over the next 8 weeks, but for now, I really enjoyed this quote and wanted to share it:

‘It’s about knowing what you eat and holding onto the identity of the landscape around us’ Chef Mathias Holt.

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