New (to me) vintage jug

tumblr_muf5ct1xkN1r81hh6o2_r1_1280tumblr_muf5ct1xkN1r81hh6o1_r1_1280My friend Kirsty’s parents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary recently and she asked me to make them some boxes of brownies to give to them as part of their anniversary present. Of course I said I’d love to make them cakes, so I suggested that instead of paying me, we’d sort out a trade.

In return for my baking I received several boxes of cardamom tea (yum!) and these beautiful fragrant sweet peas, which gives me a good opportunity to showcase this vintage autumnal pattern milk jug that I got last year at a flea market.

Overall it got me thinking about swapping more, and how bartering is a really positive thing.

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