Seattle nostalgia

tumblr_mstisaibm31r81hh6o2_1280tumblr_mstisaibm31r81hh6o3_1280Long-time bakery buds Mikey and Abi are staying with us at the moment, and seeing them has filled me with nostalgia for our holiday to stay with them in Seattle in 2010.

One of my favourite things we did when staying with them in Ballard, which is an awesome old Scandinavian neighbourhood, was get up early and go for pancakes at the blue dog coffee house. Naively I ordered what I thought would be a decent enough portion, or at least would be if you were ordering the same thing in the UK, long-story-short I was greeted by a stack of pancakes the size of dustbin lids! Why hello there American portion sizes! Om nom, they were so good!

We also took a trip into the cascade mountains to visit a bizarre mock-Bavarian town called Leavenworth, which was slightly mind bloggling, and a bit like being on a weird film set. I’ve been to Bavaria, and let me tell you, there aint no drive thru ‘Ye Olde Starbucks’ – not that I’ve seen in my travels anyway! On our way back to Seattle we stopped on a mountain pass where there happened to be an amazing little Nog Shack, selling warm and delicious, creamy eggnog and spiced apple cider. Supping on warm cider while the mountains disappeared in the rear view window is a really fond memory I have from that trip.

As Adventures go, we loved it, and would definitely relish the opportunity to go back!

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