Visit to Look mum, no hands! in London

I’m really looking forward to a chilled out weekend, as the last one went past in a flash for several reasons. My lovely Spanish friend Laura had a surprise gluten free hen party on a boat, Tristan and I worked at a local charity event, popped briefly into a Nordic Noir film festival (where we met Signe Johansen, writer of Scandilicious Baking, selling waffles!) and also put up his photographs for this crazy project that he’s been working on with our friends Greg and Tom for several months.

The exhibition is currently up in Look Mum No Hands which is a cycling cafe on Old Street in London. It’s a really cool chilled out place and it serves delicious, healthy food all day. I opted for one of the least healthy options, which was a buttery Portuguese custard tart, but otherwise there were lots of handmade pies (I saw butternut squash and feta which was very tempting) and, according to our friend Tom, the best sausage rolls he’s ever eaten.

Tristan’s photos are up until the 27th June so any London-based bakery buds should head on down and check ‘em out soon!

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