Onion, garlic and parsley bread

Here is a shot of this week’s onion, garlic and parsley bread which made both super toast and sausage sandwiches, if I do say so myself. I softened the onion and garlic in a frying pan with olive oil before adding it to my dough along with honey and fresh parsley. I thought the flavour was really nice, although subtle compared to other breads that I’ve made with garlic, where the flavour has been very prominent.

This weekend I will be making some Swedish-y Scandinavian treats in honour of the Eurovision Song Contest, as well as sorting out a few bits of last minute baking preparation for the wedding of our gorgeous friends Stitch and Suni, who are getting hitched next weekend. I was very touched to be asked to make cinnamon and cardamom buns for their wedding breakfast.

Happy weekend bakery buds!

Photo by my husband Tristan.

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