Having a handmade Christmas

Having a handmade Christmas!

At mountain bakery HQ we tend to always go away to the frozen north at Christmas, but this year, for a change, we’ll will be staying put and decking the halls in the UK with our parents and little Janet, our lovely dog. As we have grand plans for baking and photography in 2013, we aim to have a very homemade affair on a tight budget, so I thought I would share some bits that I’ve seen online which are influencing my ideas for Christmas this year.

Firstly, everyone we know will be receiving homemade things instead of (or in addition to) bought gifts. So far I’m thinking that I’ll make lots of cheesy biscuits and cinnamon buns, as they are so more-ish and easy to nibble on, and also can be presented in little boxes or tins for easy wrapping. Both are also a very nice accompaniment to a hot glass of mulled wine or cider, which is super festive and gets you in the spirit nicely! There are also some lovely rich beery/cheesy bread recipes we’ve seen, which could be perfect for some decadent Christmas treats for our friends. Homemade is definitely king at Christmas!

Decoration wise, we both love the traditional European style, so what better than using bits of spruce to bring the outside in and make the house look all festive! I also love the idea of decorating windows with chalk pens to show happy messages to the outside. When we get a proper bakery/café premises sorted out then this is something we’ll definitely be doing to share some warm Christmas spirit 🙂

Only a few more days to go, bakery buddies!

Handmade and homey Christmas (clockwise from the left): window decals from www.attik72.com, spruce in pots from www.houzz.com, wooden elves from www.aarikka.com, cinnamon buns in a tin from www.piewacketblog.com

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