Kemmy’s Delivery Service

It’s been yet another busy week for mountain bakery, and things don’t look like they will slow down any time soon! I’ve started a new project, which I alluded to previously, (affectionately named Kemmy’s Delivery Service by my friend Alice) which involves me delivering fresh bread locally for recipes that I’m trying out. It’s been going really well so far and the feedback has been great, particularly on instagram where I’ve been touched to see lots of bakery friends enjoying the loaves with their dinner or for breakfast. Gratifyingly it’s already helping me to improve my technique and all my sourdough projects in particular are really coming along swimmingly. I’m also getting fit walking the deliveries around, so added bonus!!

Here are a few instagram shots from last week including my latest creation, the malted wholemeal loaf with oats, some ‘happy birthday’ cheese, garlic and chilli biscuits and my delivery tote bag all loaded up with freshly baked bread.

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