Virtuous Bread class

If you read this blog regularly then you’ll know that I love to bake and in particular bread is something that I’m fascinated by, hence buying a couple of nice new cook books recently! In the last few months I’ve made some delicious bread, mostly through trial, error and a lot of luck, which is why I was fortunate enough, this weekend, to be able to attend a bread making course with Rosie Clark from Virtuous Bread to gain a proper understanding of the process and history of bread!

Rosie is a wonderful, enthusiastic and knowledgeable teacher and I’m so pumped and full of ideas from talking to her about bread and flavours. Over the course of a morning we made rye bread with fennel and poppy seeds, a wholemeal loaf (which I’ve been eating with lots of butter and marmite – it’s really delicious!) a sundried tomato plait, and a spiced soda bread. The course was great for mountain bakery, as it is important for us to learn a bit more information about the positive health implications of eating proper homemade bread, as well as the history of why the bread industry is the way it is in Britain today – all captivating stuff to a bread head!

All in all, I’m enthused to go out and bake lots of amazing new breads so watch this space!

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