Stockholm again

The last couple of weeks have been very busy for team mountain bakery, hence the lack of posts! We’ve been in the lovely city of Stockholm again, sampling the always superior baked goods, breathing in their crisp autumn air and most importantly for team mountain bakery, getting hitched! After almost four years we decided to make it ‘official’ and I’ve got to say, married life has been pretty sweet so far.

We’ve been to Sweden quite a few times, and always loved it’s laid back, design conscious feel. While it’s great going to museums and galleries, it’s also nice to sit back with a cuppa and soak up the atmosphere, which is what we did a lot of this time! Here are a few of my favourite things from this trip:

1. Seeing The Hives play in the pouring rain at Gröna Lund theme park on Djurgården. Cold and wet, but still totally fun.

2. The view from Skeppsholmen at night. Looking over at the twinkly lights of the old town at night is like being in Kiki’s Delivery Service.

3. Cinnamon buns, kanelbullar, everywhere! We noted particularly amazing buns from Blooms Bageri, the café in the Fotografiska gallery and at a little café just by Kungsträdgården.

4. Flavoured black tea. I’m really gaining a new appreciation for this, and it’s definitely more refreshing than drinking tea with milk.

5. The amazing packaging in the supermarket. Here are some packets of herring, flour and muesli that we found in an ICA supermarket. Saltå Kvarn – we especially love your retro and colourful packaging!

6. Getting hitched, obviously! No fuss, totally laid back and very us.

All pictures taken with instagram – why not follow us?

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