Handmade wooden cake stand

This week I am excited about:

-my new custom made wooden cake stand, hand crafted by my old manager, Mike…I’ve been waiting for a while for the weather to brighten up so I could take a nice picture of it in natural light, as I wanted to show it off in it’s full glory. Isn’t it a beaut!? I’ll post the picture of it being made later with some more details.

– trying out some new recipes. I’ve been wanting to make homemade oreos for aaaages so I’ll be trying that, as well as possibly some more cinnamon based goodies and breads, which is fast becoming my new obsession.

-lovely bakery friends Lisa and Tim are getting hitched on the 23rd June, which is fast approaching. I’ll be making and packaging lots of cookies with their names on as well as lots of different cup cakes in an array of flavours, so this week will be a busy one!

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