Nigella’s chocolate & hazelnut cake

Well bakery friends, the last couple of weeks have been very hectic for me and Tristan! We’ve started another side project doing event photography, which so far has been a mix of equal parts fun, stress, more fun, and haring about on bicycles trying not to miss things all happening at the same time! I will post a link to our pictures as soon as we have some online, but I have to say, it feels amazing to be doing what we love and I hope that shows in the photographs we take.

Anyway, back to bakery related business. Although we’ve been super busy I’ve still found time to whip up some tasty treats, including this chocolate nutella cake for our lovely friend Neil’s birthday. He’s a big fan of both cake and nutella in their independent forms, so I thought that I would combine the two to make something extra special – let’s hope he likes it!

I got the recipe here:

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