Well bakery friends, it’s the end of another week and while we don’t have any bake sales in the immediate future (next one is in the diary for the 2nd June) I thought I would share some day dreams about when we finally get our own little café. I don’t like to use the term ‘mood board’ as it reminds me too much of being at school in technology lessons, so instead, I’ve just put together some inspirational pictures so you get an idea of the style we like!

The name mountain bakery came about as a bit of a joke, as where we’re based in Norfolk it is undeniably flat as a pancake, which is sometimes a source of sadness as we both love being high up on peaks breathing in the fresh alpine air, listening to some fresh mountain music like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UqO4sopU8u8, but I digress. We are also big fans of log cabins, and that’s part of the inspiration behind this post, as eventually we’d like to bring a bit of that rustic style to our bakery premises.

At home I’m generally a big fan of white walls, I put it down to all the time I’ve spent in Scandinavia, but recently I’ve seen a few pictures on blogs and fallen big time for exposed brickwork and wooden tiled walls. I’m such a big lover of wooden things that it’s probably another whole post on it’s own, and these pictures, taken in Slowpoke café in Melbourne, Australia, really fit with the log cabin theme that we like. Having exposed brickwork is also pretty awesome, and I like the idea of having the kitchen/crockery on view.

I love the felt lampshade because the combination of primary red and natural wood is really complimentary and definitely something we’ll be trying out. Finally, I’m a big fan of milk glass, especially in nice pastel shades like this lovely green cake stand, and as a bakery, we can justify a cake stand or two. Maybe even a wooden one (more on that another time!)

Happy weekend everyone!

Pictures from: (clockwise from the left) www.sweetstyle.com.au, www.sunday-suppers.com, www.designsponge.com, www.riflemade.squarespace.com, www.huhmagazine.co.uk

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