On the final day of our bakation we stopped into Cafe Saturnus, which is legendary in Stockholm for it’s massive cinnamon rolls – literally they are the size of your head. It’s said that the Swedish royal family get their kanelbullar from here, so you get an idea of how good they are.

Being as we are both eyes bigger than belly types we foolishly decided that we’d have one each – clearly one would have been more than enough for both of us. The flavours were really good and the buns were really crunchy on top with nice moist centres. I managed less than half and Tristan managed to eat most of the sugar coated top layers as well as half of his bun, so quite sheepishly we had to ask for a doggy bag to take the rest away, as we couldn’t bear to leave any of the cinnamon goodness behind.

And alas, that’s the end of this Swedish mini adventure, until later in the year when we shall be back exploring further. We talked a lot about it and both concluded that the absolute best cinnamon buns we tried were in Blooms, but all of the rest were amazing too, and we’ve definitely got lots of new ideas for future mountain bakery projects from visiting all the various cafes and bakeries on this trip. My personal highlight was the tiny spot of guerrilla marketing (or gorilla if you are super dyslexic like me) that we did – I look forward to seeing if our sticker is still there in September and/or if the Queen rings me in the meantime for a spot of cake! Stranger things have happened so you never know.


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