Today it was so miserable outside we decided to stay in at mountain bakery hq and make cheese & chipotle biscuits – the perfect way to keep warm and toasty!

These little fiery biscuits are perfect with a nice hot bowl of soup, so here is our recipe for the best and easiest tomato soup you’ll probably ever make. When we finally get set up with a little cafe we’ll definitely have this one on the menu as savouries are just as important as sweets in our view!

Very best tomato soup: (makes enough for 2 people)

  • 12 large beef tomatoes
  • 400g cherry tomatoes
  • 250g baby plum tomatoes
  • 8 cloves of garlic
  • a splash of toasted sesame oil
  • a splash of balsamic vinegar (optional)
  • salt and pepper

Start by heating the oven to 200 degrees centigrade and rinsing all the varieties of tomatoes.

Once the oven is up to temperature, put all the tomatoes in a roasting dish with high sides and drizzle over the toasted sesame oil.

Crush and peel the garlic cloves, and add those in with the tomatoes, and stick the dish in the oven for about 30-45 minutes, checking part way through.

If the tomatoes at the top of the dish start to blacken, don’t worry – just prod them down and keep roasting – it all adds to the flavour!

Once the mix is cooked (you can tell because it will be very juicy) carefully put everything in a blender or use a handheld purifier to get rid of any lumps.

Add salt and pepper to taste, and serve with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar. So easy, and perfect with a little cheesy biscuit on the side!

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